Fitness D&I

  -  7 years building Creative Playthings swingsets
  -   3 years building Swing Sets Inc. swingsets (now known as Premier Play Systems)
  -   12 years building Playnation and Gorilla swingsets 
  -   11 years building all other swingsets from different manufacturers. 
  -   15 years installing wooden swingsets year round.
  -   4000+ swingset installations 
  -   450+ swingsets relocated

 -   A rating on Angie's List   --  *2013 *2014 *2015


2 years building for Creative Playthings
3 years building for Swing Sets Direct
8 years working for Swing Set Man

Russ - Owner/Installer
The Installers
1999: B.S. of Biology from Kutztown 

2001: started at Creative Playthings
2002: became Warehouse Manager
         and Swing Doctor
2003: started at Swing Sets Direct
- positions held: 
Installer, Warehouse Manager
Installers Manager, Contractors Manager, Inventory Manager
Scheduling Manager, Service Manager
2005: started Swing Set Man
​2011: started working with Fitness Exchange

**Since 2001, I have worked from the bottom up to get where I'm at today.
     I started this company back in 2005 with 1 goal;  DO THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME If my installer's do not maintain this goal, they are let go.  I have kept this company small to give the best customer service that I can. 
     The year, 2016, marked the 4th year in a row for the Angie's List Award